At CLIFFCREST FITNESS we offer a holistic approach to fitness and health

We emphasize strength, mobility, balance and cardiovascular conditioning along with sound nutrition practices.

We are passionately committed to providing the highest standard of personalized service to people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels.  We will empower and inspire you to live life to the fullest by adopting an active and healthy lifestyle.

At CLIFFCREST FITNESS we focus on a quality fitness experience to achieve goals, unlike the volume focus of the big gyms.  Through smaller groups and personal training, greater care and attention to detail is offered.  Customers will easily see the value of more customized service and attention.

Barb Michaels, Owner

Hon. Diploma George Brown College Fitness and Lifestyle Management Program, George Brown Personal Trainer Certificate, CSEP-CFC, Can-Fit-Pro PTS, FIS, Certified Pilates Instructor (150 hours Pilates for Life), Pilates Reformer Education (Stott Pilates), Injuries and Special Populations Education (Stott Pilates), Schwinn Certified Spinning Instructor, Red Cross Level C CPR Certification (recertified yearly), numerous workshops through Body Harmonics and Can-Fit-Pro continuing education

I love to teach, challenge and inspire clients to believe in themselves to reach their goals and I appreciate and never take lightly the fact that clients trust me with their health and fitness.  I am continually upgrading my skills and knowledge to stay informed and up to date with current research in my field and to deliver the very best programming to my clients.

Audrey Singer-Thompson, Yoga and Meditation Instructor

As a young adult, Audrey taught popular forms of group exercise classes such as aerobics, step, and stretch. However, when she discovered how yoga combines the joy of expressive movement with mindful focus and spiritual grounding, it was natural for her to practice and eventually learn how to teach it.

Her yoga journey over the past decade has taken her from weekly classes to daily classes in order to help keep her limber, and release the tensions and stresses of her demanding management position in the corporate world and “life in general”. As her practice deepened and increased, she studied yoga philosophy and meditation and after 3 years of dedicated pursuit, she attained her Teaching certificate (RYT200).

Knowing yoga to be universally beneficial, Audrey is particularly interested in the interface of feminine energy in today’s masculine world, and how breath unites the unique movement of the body with our divine spirit, multifaceted strengths and soulful intuition. Her classes are truly unique and very enjoyable for all.

Trish Krause, CNP

Trish Krause is certified holistic nutritionist and women’s vitality expert.

As a former journalist and corporate executive who walked the edge of burn-out and flirted with chronic poor health throughout her career, she is now the founder and CEO of Bite out of Life Wellness, a nutrition coaching and wellness education company that caters to busy professional women seeking practical and simple strategies to feel better, look better, perform better and age better.

In addition to working one-on-one with clients, Trish brings the science and theory of good nutrition to life by teaching private hands-on culinary workshops and creating made-to-order workplace wellness programs that enhance employee productivity and well-being.

Deanne Vincent
Deanne is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Certified Exercise Physiologist who mentors women to stop letting their health issues and secret body battles hold them back from living life fully!
She has had years of painful experience, lots of mistakes, and what felt like endless struggle and shame from poor gut health, a back injury, and multiple surgeries for ovarian cysts. After taking ownership over her health and getting intentional with her life, Deanne now lives healthier, happier, and more alive than ever before – living that big life with big love she used to only dream about! And now Deanne is here to help you live and love so fully it makes your heart hurt!”

Whitney Erin Smith

I am a yogi, counsellor and photographer, living in Toronto with a background in developmental counselling and feminist studies. I’m a wanderlust spirit and I’m certain my heart belongs to the ocean. I’ve spent many months traveling throughout Latin America, Europe and Africa where I have expanded my practice of yoga; and deepened my passion and love for photography.

Over the years of practicing yoga, I have discovered that yoga is what keeps my body strong, my mind clear and my heart open. It has taught me to be present, to allow each moment to be as it is, and to accept myself as I am. It reminds me to embrace all of the emotions of life, to allow them to move through me, and to be grateful for the simple fact that I’m alive. If given the opportunity as your yoga instructor I hope to share these learnings and teachings with you.

Peggy Perin

Peggy Perin is the founder of Fieldstones Wellness (, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Reiki Master and a member of CAHN-Pro, (Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals). She studied with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and received the “Highest in Class” award. Empowering people through healthy choices, Peggy is also the host of powerful women’s retreats at her serene Bancroft, Ontario cottage, bringing you to life naturally, through her wellness organization, Naturally Balanced Canada.

Living a naturally balanced life came at a very early age for Peggy. Out of necessity and while on a budget, she planned weekly meals for her family; grocery shopping in search of natural whole foods and doing most of the cooking became a solid foundation in her life.

Dedicated to living a balanced lifestyle, Peggy wanted to continue a life fulfilling her passion for natural foods and holistic living and after years of working full-time immersed in the media industry she now commits herself to being a wellness advocate.

The lifelong skills and guidelines she developed growing up and in the corporate world are incorporated and applied to her nutrition practices today. Peggy’s nutritional path focuses on practicality while optimizing nutrition intake and eating healthy on a budget. She takes a holistic approach, incorporating a variety of body, mind and spirit modalities.

Through her experiences, she has formed strong bonds and relationships in the wellness community with reputable practitioners, which is a pillar and foundation of Fieldstones Wellness.

Peggy enjoys leading a healthy lifestyle, living with purpose, incorporating adventure, traveling, yoga, running, veggies only and lots of juicing!